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NS Petrosil

NS Petrosil prevents dryness, flaking and itching when formulated into cleansers and body washes. It deposits high molecular silicones and petrolatum on skin from surfactant systems without affecting foam. It makes for softer creamier foams and leaves skin feeling silky, hydrated and conditioned. It can also be used in lotions and creams for very dry chapped skin because it is considered a skin protectant. NS Petrosil forms discrete droplets of high molecular weight silicone and Petrolatum in surfactants systems and these droplets are deposited on hair and skin.

Features & Benefits
• Highly moisturizing
• Deposits silicone and petrolatum on the skin from cleansers and body wash
• Deposits silicone and petrolatum on the skin from shampoos
• Prevents drying on skin when used in cleansing
• Prevents itchiness

• Facial cleansers
• Body washes
• Dry skin cream
• Moisturizing shampoo
• Ethnic hair shampoo

Use Level
• 2 – 10 %

Formulation Tips
• In cleansing systems add NS Petrosil to batch at 45-50°C with rapid mixing to fully disperse as droplets

INCI: Petrolatum (and) Water (and) Dimethicone (and) Steareth-21 (and) Steareth-2


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