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NS Inflacin

NS Inflacin is an anti-inflammatory molecule that blocks the PLA2 enzyme in the inflammatory pathway, thus shutting down the inflammatory pathway which leads to redness and irritation. Inflacin is recommended for use in sensitive skin products, alpha and beta hydroxy products as well as anti-aging products because inflammation is the pre-cursor to aging. Inflacin is highly recommended for all products targeting sensitive skin such as hypoallergenic products, as well as after-shave balms and products for post-waxing pain relief.

Features & Benefits
• Anti-inflammatory
• Reduces redness
• Anti-irritant

• Sensitive skin products
• Anti-aging products

Use Level
• 3 – 5 %

Formulation Tips
• Add to oil phase of emulsions at any temperature. For aqueous systems add to water phase and heat to 50°C to dissolve

INCI: PEG-23 Glyceryl Distearate


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