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NS Simulse 35

NS Simulse 35 provides an easy way to incorporate high molecular weight silicones into emulsions and aqueous systems. NS Simulse 35 can be used in O/W emulsions to impart a very soft silky end feel without worrying about incompatibility. It can be used in body washes and facial washes to give a very soft smooth after feel. Used in shampoos, it provides anti-static properties, softness, easy compatibility and very high shine.

Features & Benefits
• High and medium molecular weight silicone emulsion
• Skin repair leaves skin silky and soft
• Hair softening and shine
• Minimizes tack on skin

Hair products
Facial cleansers
Body Wash
Liquid foundations

Use Level
• 2 – 10 %

Formulation Tips
• Disperse NS Simulse 35 in water phase below 50°C.

INCI: Water (and) Dimethicone (and) Trideceth-9

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