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NS BiFlex 100

NS BiFlex 100 is an emulsion polymer used to make water-proof products from a water-based system and o/w emulsions. It makes very hard flexible films and can be used to make washable water-proof mascara, eyeliners and eye shadows. Mascara made with BiFlex 100 are transfer proof, long wearing, smudge proof and non-flaking.

Features & Benefits
Water-based, Waterproof film former
Long wearing, hard but flexible film

Washable water-proof mascara
High-gloss long wearing eye shadow

Use Level
8 – 20 %

Formulation Tips
• In emulsions, NS BiFlex 100 should be added to the water phase below 60°C with mixing. For aqueous systems, add directly to water phases.

INCI: Polyvinyl Acetate Homopolymer (and) Acrylates Crosspolymer (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Water


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