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NS Multiberry Qusome

NS Multiberry Qusome is the NS Multiberry cascading system of anti-oxidant molecules incorporated into Qusome Trans-dermal Delivery System to efficiently deliver it deep into the skin for maximum efficacy and benefit. Once in the skin the combination of berries works synergistically to quench reactive and harmful free radicals for long lasting anti-oxidancy. It has a very high ORAC value and is composed of Bilberry, Coffee Berry and Rosa Berry. The anthocyanin from Bilberry, polyphenols and Ferulic acid from Coffee Berry and bioflavonoids from Rosa Berry prevents UV induced oxidative stress which leads to premature aging.

Features & Benefits
• Enhanced penetration from Qusome
• High ORAC value anti-oxidant
• UV protection
• Potent free-radical scavenger

• Anti-aging products
• Sun-care products
• Dry skin liquid Make-up
• Pre-sun products

Use Level
• 2 – 10 %

Formulation Tips
• Mix NS Multiberry Qusome well and add to batch below 45°C while mixing

INCI: Water (and) PEG-12 Glyceryl Dimyristate (and) Rosa Roxburgii Fruit Extract (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Coffea Arabica [Coffee] Seed Extract (and) Vaccinium Myrtillus [Bilberry] Fruit Extract


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