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NS EX-81

NS EX-81 is polymeric O/W emulsifier that is used to make very stable emulsions with a relatively high oil phase. These emulsions range from very thin light-weight milks to thick highly luxurious emulsions. It can be used to make cold process emulsions that are light on the skin or very thick creams. It can be used to make high SPF products using "organic" sunscreens as well as "inorganic" sunscreens containing Zinc Oxide and or Titanium Dioxide.

Features & Benefits
Polymeric emulsifier for making O/W emulsions
Water-thin milks to very viscous products
Emulsify high oil content

Facial milks with or without SPF
Essences and serums
Hair milk conditioner
Water-based hair spray shine

Use Level
• 0.5 – 5 %

Formulation Tips
• Add NS EX-81to water phase and disperse using a homomixer. Add oil phase slowly to water phase containing EX-81 and homogenize on medium. After oil is added increase homogenization to high for 2 minutes. If glycol-based preservatives are used, use NexCides and add to batch after the emulsion is formed.

INCI: Polyglyceryl-8 Oleate

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